day 16

daily poem / poetry blog


Spinning loneliness into words

L  becomes W

the best way I’ve found

to combat

the panic-provoking isolation

of living in my 1bedroom


(occupants = 47 pot plants, 0 cats,

1 female writer)


Living alone is terrifying

or full of juice,

the balance depends on

the correct use of my laptop:

Netflix bingeing


Poem writing


Too much consuming,

Not enough creating

= guaranteed

eXistential anXiety


Anyone who knows me,

knows this about me.

Just tell me to




kathryn lyster

The Author

Kathryn Lyster is a creative writer and communications consultant. She is a published author with Harper Collins. She also writes poetry and short stories. In addition, Kathryn writes about natural health and wellness, cruelty free living and how to live a more sustainable life. Kathryn is passionate about creativity, our earth, kindness and the power we all have to create a better world.